Balance Sheet

Every year we publish our Balance Sheet, certified by an Independent Auditor since 2010.

We always pay close attention to how we use our funding: minimizing management costs is one of our priorities, so that we can dedicate as many resources as possible to our goal, treating those in need.

81% goes directly to our Humanitarian projects, 5% is used for Culture of Peace activities, 8% to cover for the facilities. We invest 6% in fundraising. Source: 2016 Balance Sheet.

Afghanistan 9.911.655 Euro, Iraq 4.108.085 Euro, Italy 3.461.745 Euro, Libya 651.866 Euro, Central African Republic 3.567.716 Euro, Sierra Leone 4.590.435 Euro, Sudan 10.497.492 Euro, Uganda 430.472 Euro, other 4.247 Euro. Source: 2016 Balance Sheet.
395 International staff, 2,468 National staff, 3,000 volunteers, 132 Paid staff in Italy (updated to December 2016)


2016 Balance Sheet

Independent Auditor Report

Contributions from Italian Public Institutions

ARCHIVE: past Balance Sheets

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