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Every Refugee’s Walk Should Be One of Hope Like Amal’s

It has been a week since EMERGENCY welcomed Little Amal to our head office.

Whilst on her 8,000-mile-journey, searching for her mother and a better future, Amal found EMERGENCY in Rome, Bologna, and Milan. We accompanied her during some of her stops as she traveled north through Italy.

We are honoured to support her extraordinary walk, which is making an important contribution to rewriting the narrative around refugees. #LittleAmal embodies 80+ million of them – 26 million under 18 – whose right to find safety and life opportunities cannot be forgotten, ignored, denied.

“Don’t forget about us” is the message she brings with her, a message we make ours every time we treat and care for vulnerable people and refugees.

We will never forget her in Rome, where children gave gifts to show their solidarity, their will to transcend borders and to make the world a better place.

We will never forget her in Bologna, where we bandaged her knee after an injury she sustained while playing football at the city’s stadium.

We will never forget her at #casaemergency in Milan, where children invited her to play with them and piece together the Puzzle of Human Rights, learning that human rights are a universal good.

Every refugee’s walk should be one of hope like Amal’s,

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