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Bienheureux and Sacerdosse, bonne chance

“Bienheureux and Sacerdosse are twins. We visited them a few days ago at our Paediatric Centre in Bangui: they suffer from a congenital heart disease that has to be constantly monitored but, luckily, doesn’t require surgery – at least not for the moment.

Bienheureux e Sacerdosse in the Paediatric centre of Bangui during the cardiological visit

In the Central African Republic, there are no cardiac surgery hospitals. For this reason, the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan represents the only hope for many patients from CAR (and other African countries too).

Besides the twins, we’ve visited over 100 people in just a few days. Some are patients who have already had surgery at the Salam Centre and who are here for a check-up visit, whereas others were referred to us by local cardiologists.

Thanks to these screenings and follow-up activities, Bienheureux and Sacerdosse will be checked every year by a cardiologist who will verify that their situation hasn’t worsened and monitor their condition.

Bienheureux and Sacerdosse – bonne chance!”

Bienheureux and Sacerdosse in the Paediatric centre of Bangui

— Luca, EMERGENCY Regional Programme Coordinator