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Central Italy: second team starts activities to help those affected by earthquake


Since August 2016, a significant part of the population of Central Italy has been severely tested. Repeated seismic activity, aggravated by an exceptional amount of snowfall even at low attitude, has forced the population to continuously confront the trauma caused by the earthquake.

Then, in January of 2017, the population was again put under severe stress, this time facing an even more difficult scenario: snowfall made movement almost impossible; landslides rendered many roads inaccessible and some areas remained without electricity, telephone lines, and running water for more than 10 days.

These conditions have generated a great deal of anxiety among those living in affected areas; an anxiety that is reflected in their daily routines, which in many cases have been turned completely upside-down. Many homes have been rendered unfit for habitation and those affected have had to move in to temporary accommodation, further contributing to their discomfort and anxiety.

In order to aid those affected by the earthquakes, we launched the first assistance programmes in February 2017 in several municipalities in Teramo, while concurrently continuing to monitor the region, looking to identify any other areas in need of assistance.

One such area is Camerino, where 72.3% of residents have been left homeless and are currently living in temporary accommodation.

A few days ago, a second team – consisting of a nurse and a psychologist – began working in the province of Macerata. At present, the team is active in the municipalities of Camerino, Visso, Pieve, Torina, and Muccia; offering psychological treatment and nursing.

Lo staff del progetto di EMERGENCY a favore delle vittime del terremoto in provincia di Macerata

Collaborating with local institutions, we will organise health education courses, as well as meetings with local people and students, in order to support them along the difficult path towards recovery following the trauma of the earthquakes.

All services offered by the EMERGENCY team are completely free of charge. The project in the province of Macerata is in collaboration with ASUR Marche – Area Vasta 3.

Useful Information

Where to find our staff in the province of Macerata: download the flyer updated on the 12 March 2018 (*Scheduled times are provisional and may change according to further needs observed in the course of the activities).