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EMERGENCY has been helping Goodluck since he was just two days old.

Goodluck Cole’s father works three jobs while his mother, Lucy, is a full-time carer for the little boy.

When Goodluck was just one day old, Lucy noticed that something was wrong. She was referred to EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Goderich, Sierra Leone, where our doctors performed a colostomy on the baby because of a genetic anorectal malformation.

After two surgeries at just five days old, Goodluck was stable. In the months that followed, we periodically visited the little one, ensuring his family had what they needed to care for him.

Several schools refused to enrol Goodluck, fearing that he would struggle to play with other children or need extra care. But Lucy was determined to give Goodluck a full, happy life. She educated her son at home, while continuing to research his condition.

At the same time, EMERGENCY was launching our Regional Programme for Paediatric Surgery. Goodluck was quickly identified for referral, and soon transferred to the Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, Uganda.

In Entebbe, Goodluck had an anoplasty. He started school at the hospital, and was fond of playing and running around with the other children on the ward. After some days recovering, he returned home to Sierra Leone with his mother, who always remained by his side.

Back in Goderich, Goodluck had a surgery for colostomy closure. After four years, Lucy’s determination meant that her son finally got the care he needed.