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“EMERGENCY is the house of hope and happiness”.


“For myself as a disabled person, EMERGENCY is the house of hope and happiness.”

At just 2 years old, Sargul contracted polio, which affected the use of her right leg. She enjoyed school but struggled to watch the other children running and playing, which made it difficult for her to attend. “Then,” she says, “Life continued.”

Sargul was working as an accountant when she learned that EMERGENCY was opening a new Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre in Sulaymaniyah. She came for an interview and we soon hired her as an Ortho Officer. She also received her own orthosis, which is regularly adjusted for her needs. She tells us, “I am very happy for my employment. Since the first day, I started to help disabled people by supporting them psychologically.”

Thanks to colleagues like Sargul, our Sulaymaniyah hospital has been a place of hope and new beginnings for over 12,000 patients since 1998.