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Every Day, As Early As Dawn, A Long Queue Of Parents And Their Children Forms In Front Of The Mayo Paediatric Centre.


Every day, as early as dawn, a long queue of parents and their children forms in front of the Mayo Paediatric Centre 

We conduct pre-triage before the entrance, identifying the most serious and high-priority cases for urgent treatment.  

Of all the children that visit, most have gastrointestinal or respiratory diseases, infections involving the eyes, ears and skin, intestinal parasites or malaria. Poor hygiene and contaminated water in Mayo, a suburb of Khartoum that was once a sprawling refugee camp, facilitate the spread of diseases and increase the number of malnourished children.  

At our Paediatric Centre, in addition to providing outpatient paediatric examinations, we offer nutritional screening, ante- and post-natal care, family planning services, and vaccinations for children up to 14 years of age and for pregnant women.  

Paediatric Centre in Mayo

1. Dr Stefano, a paediatrician, performs pre-triage at the entrance of the Paediatric Centre.

2. A patient at the Paediatric Centre during emergency examinations.
Photo©️Monika Bulaj

3. Rahma and her two children wait their turn to be examined. The youngest was diagnosed with pneumonia.
Photo©️Monika Bulaj

4. Claudia, a paediatric nurse, visits a patient at the Mayo Paediatric Centre.

5. A child being treated at the Paediatric Centre for respiratory problems, accompanied by his mother and brother.
Photo©️Monika Bulaj

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