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Flooding in Afghanistan: 10 Injured, 2 Dead on Arrival at EMERGENCY’s First Aid Posts

Major flooding and landslides have affected several districts near Kabul. EMERGENCY’s First Aid Posts in Jalrez and Ghurband have received 10 wounded, and two dead on arrival.

As countries around the world are affected by natural disasters, those with already weakened health systems suffer greatly.

“At our First Aid Post in Jalrez, the water and mud came within a few metres of us,” says Marco Puntin, EMERGENCY’s Country Director in Afghanistan. “In the past few days, we immediately sent one of our ambulances to support the population.”

“There have been several deaths and injuries in the area. Here we received six wounded, three of whom were more seriously injured and referred to the provincial hospital of Maidan Wardak, and three more with minor injuries,” Marco continues. “Yesterday, the road was closed in Ghurband district due to flooding and we received four injured and two dead on arrival at our First Aid Post. We did not make any referrals with our ambulance, but made ourselves available in case of need. The situation is critical in various areas of the country.”

Our presence in Afghanistan continues to be fundamental in providing support to a health system weakened by 40 years of war and decreased assistance from the international community.