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The four Kamaras of Lokomasama

Sheka A. Kamara, Ibrahim S. Kamara, Aihaji Kamara, and Amara M. Kamara all have the same surname but they are not brothers: Kamara is simply a very common surname in Sierra Leone. What unites them is that they are all part of the EMERGENCY Health Promoters team at Lokomasama’s First Aid Trauma Post.

A few weeks ago, they were in Darasalaam, a village of a few houses a 30-minute drive away from Lokomasama, where they hold a weekly health education session for the pupils of the village’s two schools and for any others who want to participate. 143 people in total participated that day.

Using illustrated posters and performing stage shows worthy of the best plays, they told to everyone about the importance of good hygiene practices, vaccinations and proper nutrition, about malarial risks and the use of caustic soda, used in all homes for soap preparation and often mistakenly ingested by small children.

Finally, all of those present lined up in order to be screened for malaria. The 4 children with a fever were subjected to the rapid test and were all positive: Harun, our nurse, gave each of them the necessary medicines for free.

This project is co-funded by the European Union – EU Delegation to Sierra Leone