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“I always repeat to him: Don’t give up.”

Omar, 52, and his son, Nadim, 21, are shepherds from Bagram, north of Kabul. Parts of Nadim’s left arm and leg were amputated after he stepped on a landmine.


“We live by working hard. Nadim is my only child. His arms and his work are essential for me. He has always been a tireless boy. One day, he simply walked back from the fields and a mine exploded, and now he’s missing an arm and a leg. I take care of the wounds on the fingers of the other hand, the hand that remains.

Nadim with Omar, his father

I want to be confident, because Nadim is young and he’s a good boy. I want you not to give up, Nadim.I hope the doctors will provide him with a prosthesis, and life will be normal again.
I always repeat to him: ‘Don’t give up.’
I want him to be strong. He does not have an arm and a leg. But I am here for him.”

Nadim’ story, along with those from other inpatients form our Surgical Centre in Kabul have been collected and documented by journalist Francesca Mannocchi and photographer Alessio Romenzi.