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“I want a picture with you”


“I want a picture with you,” she told Maria and Riccardo, the nurses who treated her. So, along with her daughter and her neighbor, she struck a pose. Rebheca is 63, she has 11 children and numerous tattoos.

At the beginning of April she, along with her family, tried to escape her West Mosul neighbourhood of Snahal Qadim, to reach a freed area not far away. They were driving along the road that would lead them to freedom when two of Daesh’s snipers, lurking among half-destroyed buildings, began shooting and hit her right leg. Her husband and son were also shot.

After being stabilised in the nearest clinic, she was transferred to our hospital, where we worked to reduce the fracture to her right leg femur.

“Thank you, thank you for everything you are doing, I’ll never forget you,” she repeated when she left her room with her wheelchair for the first time, holding the newly-taken photo.

– Davide, from Iraq