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“I want to become a nurse”

??”I would like to be a nurse. I’ve already learned some English words at school.”

Noor-zia is 22 years old and lives in a village a few kilometres from Anaba, Afghanistan. Since 2010, we have been tending to her at our hospital. Fortunately, Noor-zia knows how to read and write, and this is of great help in teaching her the proper amount of insulin to inject at preset hours, to keep her diabetes under control.

“Might it be possible to come work here with you?” she asked us, when she learned that we were expanding the Maternity Centre, inaugurated last month. Today she is on staff as a Cleaner, which allows her to put away money to continue to study and get her diploma. We are sure that, with her tenacity, Noor-zia will soon be a fantastic nurse.