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International Day of People With Disabilities 2021


The facility provides long-term support for those injured by war and its aftermath. Many people in this area have been affected by the IEDs and landmines that have blighted Iraq for decades.

Patients here receive tailored prosthetic limbs, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, provided by a dedicated team. But in addition to free, high-quality medical care, we want to provide hope and dignity too. That is why patients receive vocational training that allows them to feel active and independent again, and able to play a role in their communities. Many different skills are taught, including metalwork, carpentry, tailoring and shoe-making. The result is that over 380 cooperative businesses have been formed by patients who have received prosthetics and training at the Centre.

Today, we pay tribute to everyone at the Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation Centre and all those living with disabilities. We encourage the world to listen to and learn from people with disabilities, provide the care & support that is needed, ensure we dismantle prejudices, and remove obstacles to inclusion.


Photo Credits: Alessandro Annunziata