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It’s the kind of news we never want to share.

It’s the kind of news we never want to share: Gul Ahmad and Musa Khan, two of our colleagues from Afghanistan, were killed by an air strike last Sunday while travelling by motorbike to the city of Ghazni, which has seen increased violence in the last few days.

Gul Ahmad was the supervisor of our First Aid Post in Andar, an easterly district in the province of Ghazni, while Musa Khan was a member of the cleaning staff. Their bodies, which had been mutilated in the attack, were only identifiable due to the EMERGENCY ID card they carried with them.

There are no words to describe our feelings in this moment. The sorrow faced every day by Afghan families, like the families of Gul Ahmad and Musa Khan, is deep and unjust. We express our sympathy for their loved ones, and to all of our colleagues who continue to work in Afghanistan, despite the daily risks they face, and we hope that the violence will soon give way to peace.

Though we’ve worked in Afghanistan for 20 years, we will never get used to this war, which takes the lives of so many innocent fathers, mothers, and children.