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Neige has a sparkling smile

Neige is a little, six year old girl from Bangui, Central African Republic.
Three years ago she was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. She continued having an active life, playing with her friends and going to school, and successfully completed the first year of elementary school.

Neige at the Salam centre

By early 2017, the symptoms had worsened and she was referred to EMERGENCY’s Paediatric Clinic in Bangui for a cardiology appointment. Neige complained of palpitations, sleepiness and fatigue. The diagnosis of a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) was confirmed and she was approved for surgery at EMERGENCY’s Salam Centre in Sudan, where we operate free of charge patients coming from all of Africa and beyond.

Neige arrived at the Salam accompanied by her grandmother; her mother stayed home to take care of her three other sons. Neige loves dancing and running. She has a sparkling smile and told us that she cannot wait to go back to Bangui, go to school and to study together with her best friends.