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The new First Aid Post in Waterloo

In the two months while our new First Aid Trauma Post (FATP) was being built in Waterloo, Sierra Leone, the news of the imminent opening of the clinic quickly spread throughout the area: this, too, is a sign of just how much it’s needed.

The confirmation came on Monday, just a few minutes after we’d opened the doors, when we four people injured in a road accident were brought to the FATP. All of them were quickly stabilised; three needed further treatment, so we transferred them in our ambulance to the Surgical Centre in Goderich.

The new First Aid Post is located near a refugee camp that’s become a permanent fixture close to the capital. Thanks to the Community Health Officers, nurses, auxiliary staff, drivers, and an international doctor and nurse, treatment is guaranteed 24/7.

“Waterloo” is a name that immediately brings to mind a great battle of the past. For us though, Waterloo is in Sierra Leone and it’s a place of care, providing real support for the country’s fragile health system.

The First Aid Post in Waterloo is co-funded by the European Union – EU Delegation to Sierra Leone