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Nurse Osman Cares for the Children in Kabul

Meet Mohamad Osman, one of the nurses here at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Kabul.

Mohamad has been working at our hospital for 17 years, first in the intensive care unit and now as Team Leader of the children’s ward.

He is passionate and gentle with everyone he meets. He takes care of our small patients, often playing and joking with them, and his colleagues say that they rarely see him without a smile.

His love and dedication to helping others extend beyond the hospital walls. His three daughters cannot attend school but he does his best to educate them at home.

“Osman has hope for his family, for his kids and his country,” says Vesna, Medical Coordinator in Kabul. “There is strength behind his beautiful smile, making our small patients and us happy in his presence.”