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Opening of a new first-aid post in Shoraki

“When I see our Field Officer’s number on the phone display, I’m always prepared for the worst … usually when he calls it is to inform us of the arrival of injured people or problems at the First Aid Post”, writes Georgia, a nurse in Afghanistan. “This time, however, I was happy to receive that phone call, which in a joyful voice confirmed that, as expected, Shoraki’s new First Aid Post had begun activities.

It was a small day of celebration for the local community, which finally has an accessible place in which to receive care. Many people, curious, came to visit us, adults and children with whom our staff shared biscuits, juice and pride for the new clinic. The first patients, the people we treated at the Lashkar-gah hospital and who needed follow-up care, came immediately. Thanks to the new First Aid post, they will no longer have to travel two or more hours to Lashkar-gah for a simple dressing or check-up.