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Peace Can Be Achieved If Our People Can Both Aspire For It And Are Given The Means To Achieve It.

Afghanistan has been in the midst of conflict for over four decades. EMERGENCY works across the country, and has been offering free, high-quality medical care to war victims in Kabul since April 2001.

This is Said Hakim, Team Leader at EMERGENCY’s Kabul Surgical Centre. He began his journey with EMERGENCY in 2009, where he spent several years working in the Intensive Care Unit before becoming Team Leader five years ago. Said is often described by his colleagues as serious, translating into a professionalism that has allowed him to save many lives. “I chose my job because it makes me feel like I am a useful member of society. The situation in Kabul makes me want to take care of people”.

The situation in Afghanistan leaves little hope for many of those suffering the consequences of war. However, when asked about the prospect of peace in his country, Said shares with us the kind of sentiment we hope to support and cultivate in the countries we operate in: “I think peace can be achieved if our people can both aspire for it and are given the means to achieve it.”