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Remedial classes for the hospitalized children

In our hospital, the concept of “care” goes beyond the medical act. It also means, for example, schools for children who have to stay there as in-patients for long periods of time. Like in Sierra Leone, where each afternoon two primary school teachers come to our Centre to hold remedial classes for the children staying here to receive medical treatment.

The lessons feature lots of laughts and fun, but they are no joke: with text books and copybooks, it is just like being at school, and the teachers follow the ministerial syllabus, issuing a letter to the children’s schools when they are discharged to certify their attendance.

This is absolutly unique, new project in Sierra Leone, organised in collaboration with local NGO and EUROPEAID. And “who knows…one day may also be replicated in the hospitals of Sierra Leone“, hopes Luca, our coordinator in Sierra Leone.