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To us, the scars tell the story of their journey


“They beat me in prison, and I was left there for three months”. He has an old bone fracture due to an assault suffered in Libya. “I wore clothes doused in gasoline for two days” he has burns from fuel and seawater, reported during the crossing of the Mediterranean.

To us nurses, the scars tell the story of their journey. During the visit, an anatomical “chart” is sketched, composed of lesions, trauma, malnutrition and scars. Does, however, the person who will have to judge administrative positions, or make decisions about a man and his life plans, know of these scars?

I remain in my memories, and what is left is the necessity of affirming the right to treatment and the duty to receive, throughout my work and that of all my EMERGENCY colleagues. I am also sure about you — that if you came to here to look around, it would reawaken in you the sense of belonging to a single “humanity”.

– Crescenzo, EMERGENCY nurse in Naples