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Statement: Patient Data From Projects in Afghanistan


Some days ago, an Afghan media outlet shared false data concerning the number of patients received by EMERGENCY at the Anabah Surgical Centre, our hospital in the Panjshir Valley, which has for decades been a point of reference for the local population

EMERGENCY has been operating in Afghanistan since 1999 and has always based its work upon a fundamental principle: neutrality, because humanitarian interventions do not favour any side in conflict.

For 23 years, EMERGENCY has remained in the country and continued its work guaranteeing healthcare to anyone in need, not excluding any member of the Afghan population. Even after 15 August 2021, we remained in Afghanistan, continuing to provide important services.

During these years, we have communicated what we have witnessed, but our priority has always been – and remains – the care and protection of our patients.

All data concerning our hospitals are regularly disseminated exclusively on our official channels, or disclosed by official representatives of EMERGENCY in Afghanistan.