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“The Hospital of Miracles”


It was eight in the evening and the last baby was leaving the medical clinic of our Port Sudan Paediatric Centre, together with his mother. They had arrived at five in the afternoon because of gastroenteritis, a very frequent ailment in this part of the year. The baby, about one year old, improved and was returned home after about three hours of observation and rehydration.

While they were leaving the hospital, we heard a yell, and saw the mother flat on her back, on the floor. She was pregnant, and it did not take much to realize that another baby needed our help!

A baby born at the EMERGENCY Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan

Everything happened in an instant. Thanks to the work of our ambulatory team, a beautiful girl came into the world at 8:10 PM. Now they are calling it “the Hospital of Miracles”: people arrive with one baby, and leave with two. Life is marvelous.

– Ljubica, EMERGENCY Medical Coordinator in Port Sudan