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A difficult landing in Pozzallo


This morning’s landing at the port of Pozzallo was very difficult. There were 673 people, including 100 underage, children of all ages, many completely alone.

They were exhausted by the journey. At our dock, our doctors have faced several serious situations: we were concerned about the condition of a boy with severe asthenia, tachycardia and respiratory failure.
Some of the people waiting to get out of the ship dived into the sea and had to be recovered. They were dehydrated, distressed, tired by the journey. A baby’s body was also on board, born on the boat, presumably at the 32nd week of gestation … he did not make it.

There was also a baby just four days old. His mum had not yet given him a name. When the time came for the ambulance to go to the hospital, Eyasu, our cultural mediator, accompanied them both to get them inside.

The health care staff asked the mother for the baby’s name, and then Eyasu invited her to pick one. She thought and chose a name that our colleague translates from the Amharic – it means “Revelation.”

– Giulia, EMERGENCY Programme Coordinator in Sicily