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The one thing I can tell them for certain is…


I see people walk through the office dressed smartly in jackets, ties and heels. What a change! Until today, all I’d seen around was work trousers and safe shoes.

About 70 people have arrived in the last few days, all for interviews. We’re starting to recruit the local staff for our new hospital in Uganda. Doctors, nurses, surgeons and chemists. We’ve had so many CVs come in – almost 400! Those adverts in the local papers have really paid off.

And that’s not all. We’re working constantly with the Ugandan Ministry of Health to make our Centre for Paediatric Surgery somewhere young doctors and nurses can get daily professional training. After these interviews are over, there’ll be ones for nurses, lab technicians and biomedical engineers.

“What will our colleagues be like?” I often wonder on these windy days in Entebbe. Everyone I meet is enthusiastic and curious. They all wonder what the hospital will be like when it’s open and what it would be like to work for EMERGENCY. The one thing I can tell them for certain is that the hospital will be somewhere that treats and welcomes every child who needs it, free of charge.  

Lieta, EMERGENCY administrator, Uganda