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To All the Dads out there…

“I take care of his wounds. I always tell him: never give up.”
– Omar, in our hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, with his son Nadim, who lost a limb to an anti-personnel mine

“I always try to show them the bright side of things. I just want them to have the future that they deserve.”
– Murad, EMERGENCY logistician, sitting with his daughters Amany and Ameli in their tent in the IDP camp in Ashti, Iraq “

“We fled Ghana together, because we wanted a better future for our children.”
– Aziz, after a day working in the orange fields, hugging his wife Mahama in the tent city of San Ferdinando, in Calabria, Italy

We could go on. Every day, we meet hundreds of fathers in the places we work, and are always inspired by the support, courage and love that they give to their children.

To all the dads out there – Happy Father’ s  Day!