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Today, He Cannot Imagine Any Future.

"I told my children not to leave the house,"

says Jalad Khan, sitting in his wheelchair in front of the hospital ward where he is being treated. He is afraid for his wife and seven children who live in Darkh, where violence is a daily occurrence.

He has experienced the consequences himself.

“In the last 20 years, there have been no other incidents like the one I was involved in in my village. In the last month, however, three bombs exploded and five people I knew died. Some of my friends fled with their families, others decided to stay in the village”.

Jalad is a farmer. Together with his two brothers, he grows tomatoes, onions and potatoes in the countryside of his village.

As they were returning home to have lunch, an IED exploded near their car.

Jalad Khan suffered serious injuries to his lower limbs and stomach.

His older brother carried him on his shoulders to the nearest clinic. After receiving initial treatment he was immediately transported to our hospital in Kabul, where he arrived in a critical condition.

Because of his injuries, we had to amputate his right leg.

Jalad does not want to leave his homeland. But today, he cannot imagine any future there for him and his family.

The activities within EMERGENCY First Aid Posts and Surgical Centres for War Victims in Kabul and Lashkar-Gah are co-funded by European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO).