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The new Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe has begun clinical activities! Our first patients are Ramadhan, Topista, Justine, Katongole, Matovu and Jordan, all of whom are between 3 and 11 years old.

The hospital will provide children and teenagers with free, high-quality care, and has tripled the number of beds for paediatric surgical care in Uganda. EMERGENCY will train local staff, who will go on to improve paediatric surgery and medicine in the country.

This beautiful facility, which combines paediatric care with the highest level of architecture, was designed free-of-charge by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Tamassociati and EMERGENCY’s Building Division.

The Children’s Surgical Hospital is the second hospital in the African Network of Medical Excellence, an initiative by EMERGENCY, together with 11 African countries, with the aim of developing a network of high-quality facilities that respond to specific health needs on a regional basis.

The new Entebbe Children’s Hospital is another site where EMERGENCY will strive every day to provide free, quality care – putting the right to health into action.

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