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When a rocket lands, you hear it immediately

“Even today, the fighting continues near Lashkar-gah. Patients continue to arrive, a sign that they have now reopened the roads to allow the wounded to be transported.
We have already brought 9 to our hospital, of which 5 are in a serious condition. Those who can are fleeing towards Kandahar in search of safety.

It was a very intense week. The city is encircled, the other day a rocket exploded 30 metres from the hospital. When a rocket lands, it is immediately obvious: first, a whistle, then a metallic noise and a bang. The building and the windows tremble. Vesna and I immediately gathered the staff and instructed everybody to stay in protected and sheltered areas.

In the last week, we have admitted 150 new patients in a hospital that has a capacity of 90 beds. We are organizing ourselves to be able to be equipped with new wards for incoming patients and have had to discharge those who were better off. Our surgeons have worked non-stop in the last seven days: 218 operations, an impressive number.”

– Daniele, EMERGENCY logistician in Lashkar-gah