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With EMERGENCY’s Flag on the Blackboard…


We are part of the global movement to ensure that free and high-quality health services are available everywhere. Key to this is ensuring that people have the right information they need to stay healthy.

Common illnesses are often the result of a lack of information and public health messaging. We want to make these conditions uncommon and reduce their impact by spreading the word.

Here we are in a primary school in Mayo, Sudan, last December. Over half of the population in the area is younger than 14 years of age. The Director had kindly offered us to speak with the students there and introduce them to some hygiene and safety guidance.

With EMERGENCY’s flag on the blackboard, we introduced health topics to the young class in a fun and informative way, covering food hygiene, how to wash one’s hands properly, ways to prevent mosquito bites and more.

And we never forget to mention that we run a clinic in the camp, which is always there whenever any of them might need it.