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UKRAINE CRISIS: The EU and Member States Must Now Work Together to Put Commitments into Practice

The EU and EU countries must work together to make sure people fleeing Ukraine are able to reach European countries in a safe way.

We welcome the EU institutions and Member States’ commitment to receiving and protecting refugees fleeing the crisis in Ukraine.

The speed and unanimity with which the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) was adopted shows that when there is political will, the European Union can come together to uphold its values of respect for human rights and protecting those fleeing persecution, war and violence.

More than 3.7 million people have fled Ukraine, the overwhelming majority first arriving and seeking support in neighbouring states.1 One month into the crisis, states such as Poland and Moldova are reaching the limits of their reception capacity.

All persons fleeing Ukraine, including third country nationals, stateless persons and those who cannot enter the EU visa-free, who wish to seek protection in the EU must be granted access to EU territory and to temporary protection or asylum procedures. Further, Member States must now rapidly increase their capacity to provide sufficient and dignified reception including access to accommodation that is gender sensitive and child appropriate, as well as basic services.

EMERGENCY, alongside the other undersigned organisations therefore calls on EU Member States and the EU institutions to work together, to coordinate, facilitate and fund safe and orderly transfers of individuals fleeing the crisis.

This includes:

  1. Coordination & facilitation of safe and orderly transfers to EU Member States
  2. Coordination between national authorities and service providers
  3. Monitoring & liaison with civil society
  4. EU Guidance and Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)