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International Migrants Day 2021

At least 45,000 people have gone missing whilst migrating in search of safety and a better life since 2014. (Source: IOM)

Migration is a natural phenomenon as old as humanity itself. But today, government policies and hostile attitudes mean that migrants face danger on their journeys and ostracization from societies.

The world is being criss-crossed by millions of individuals with their own stories, dreams, and hopes for a better future. But their journeys are often littered with tales of grief, cruelty and suffering.

On #WorldMigrantsDay, we think of the Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel, the Balkan route, passing by the Mexican border, the Horne of Africa, and beyond. We think of these frontiers and say, loud and clear, that humans must be allowed to move, flee, and relocate safely. Continued division and the fortification of borders will never be the answer.


Photo Credits: Santi Palacios