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We call for an immediate ceasefire in Syria

In west Ghouta, east of Damascus, a massacre is underway. Over six days of airstrikes have caused over 370 deaths and 870 wounded. In addition to these victims, there are all those who won’t be able to find care in hospitals – now a target of the fighting.

“It’s hell on earth”, said Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, as he requested a ceasefire and free access for medical staff to treat the wounded. As always in war, the majority of victims in Ghouta are civilians, children in particular. This is the latest episode of the Syrian war, which is also escalating on the Turkish front.

The vortex of violence doesn’t stop here: after witnessing this latest massacre, we are more and more convinced that violence only brings violence. How many more people must die before we understand that war is always the most inhumane choice?

We call for an immediate ceasefire.