The last few months have been a trial for us all. EMERGENCY has done a range of work, on everything from stopping the spread of the disease, to treating patients in intensive care, to helping people in quarantine and at risk of infection.

Now, as we come out of the medical crisis, another is taking shape. Many in Italy’s cities are plunging into a “new poverty”.

The medical crisis was followed almost immediately by a social and economic one, and a lot of people are at risk of being left out of plans for the future. They include large families, elderly people living alone, poor young people and workers in the sectors hit hardest by the crisis. The epidemic hasn’t just threatened their health; it’s also dealt a savage blow to their economic survival. Individuals and families already struggling before the pandemic have now been thrown abruptly into poverty, and can’t even go shopping for food and basic goods.

These are the people we’ve started the ‘‘Nobody Left Behind: Supporting those in need through unprecedented times’’ project for, so no one is left out, even if they’re only finding themselves in trouble now. Our volunteers, who were already hard at work in the first phase of the pandemic, are picking out households that aren’t getting help but need it to get through this difficult time. In Milan and Rome we’re running a service delivering food and basic goods, using our logistics and supply chains, and we want to spread the project to other cities in Italy. We managed to start this project in part because of large donations from several Italian companies, who decided to stand shoulder to shoulder with EMERGENCY to help people in need.

We want to keep helping vulnerable people. We want to help them bounce back and not to feel alone. We want to give people their dignity back, as they’ve gone through struggles they’d never have imagined. But to go on helping those people, and keep reaching out to more of them, we need everyone on board, including you.

Your company can join us too and help LEAVE NOBODY BEHIND

You can contribute to our ‘Nessuno Escluso’ project by donating:
products for personal care or cleaning

Our staff are at your disposal. You can e-mail us at or call us at +39 02 881 881.



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