The new Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Uganda

November 2020: an update from Entebbe

We are almost there: the new Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Uganda is now ready. Construction work has been completed, as well as the fittings and furnishing. We have installed all the equipment, including biomedical systems, and obtained authorisation for the hospital to open.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent restrictive measures implemented by several countries around the world, including Italy and Uganda, the start of medical activities has been postponed to the first half of 2021. Some of the international staff who had already arrived in Entebbe for the start-up phase of the project have been reassigned to support EMERGENCY’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Our team in Uganda continues to monitor the situation and current developments in order to plan the resumption of all activities as soon as local and international measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic allow.

In February 2017, construction work began for the new Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Entebbe, Uganda.

The centre was designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, in collaboration with the TAMassociati studio and EMERGENCY’s technical department, with structural design by Milan Ingegneria, plant design by Prisma Engineering, and landscape design by Franco and Simona Giorgetta.

Healthcare of Excellence

As well as providing free treatment, the centre will serve as a referral centre for Ugandan patients, as well as children from all over Africa in need of surgery. The need for such a centre has been highlighted by the African health ministers who form the ANME (African Network of Medical Excellence), created in 2009 to develop free, high-quality healthcare systems in their countries.

The construction of the Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery follows our healthcare model, which is founded on the principles of Equality, Quality and Social Responsibility (EQS), and which inspires us to build structures that are beautiful, modern and environmentally friendly.

“When Gino Strada asked me to join EMERGENCY in taking on this new challenge, I didn’t think twice. I said ‘yes’ straight away! This hospital will be a model of medical excellence, environmental sustainability, energy, independence and harmony of space. We want to use the resources of the earth, water and sun, modernity’s greatest, truest achievements. The hospital will be built on the banks of Lake Victoria and surrounded by nature and trees. The greenery will be the horizon for the hospital’s smallest guests, the trees a metaphor for the healing process.”

Renzo Piano

Saving energy and following tradition

The facility is being built using rammed earth, a traditional building technique that involves the use of unbaked clay, in order to make the building resistant to heat and keep temperature and humidity constant inside. The project will also pay particular attention to the environment: the Centre will be equipped with 2,600 solar panels, which will provide a portion of the electricity needed by the building, in order to reduce energy usage.

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Why take part in the project?

By supporting the new Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Uganda, companies can take part in a crucial project – not only from a humanitarian point of view, but a unique challenge both culturally and in terms of its sustainable approach to healthcare.

The main characteristics of the project are:

  • Excellence in its approach to medicine, care and structures,
  • The promotion of a culture of peace by putting human rights into practice.

How to become part of the project

Companies that want to support EMERGENCY’s new Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgey in Uganda can do so either by providing goods and services, or with monetary donations.

If your company wants to participate in the project, contact us by email at

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