Partners of the Uganda project: Fondazione Prosolidar

Fondazione Prosolidar Onlus is a bilateral organisation set up by the National Banking Sector Fund for Charitable Projects, itself bilateral, from which it took its culture and founding principles.

Fondazione Prosolidar is a secular, independent organisation with Onlus status. It operates in Italy and around the world.

It is the first and only organisation in the world to be set up through a collective contract and financed through ‘gift-matching’, where contributions are divided equally between workers and companies. The individual contribution for a worker is €6 per year.

All trade unions in the credit sector are equally involved through their national representatives, along with the Associazione Bancaria Italiana and its member companies.

Fondazione Prosolidar has provided important support for EMERGENCY’s new hospital in Uganda since the very beginning. As early as 2012, in fact, it had already committed €3,180,000 for the construction of the Surgical Centre.