Partners of the Uganda project: Milan Ingegneria

Milan Ingegneria is the technical designer of EMERGENCY’s new hospital in Uganda, the Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Entebbe.

It was with this in mind that the design process for EMERGENCY’s new Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery – which will be located near Entebbe on the shores of Lake Victoria – began.

Earth excavated in order to lay the foundations was the primary material used to build the load-bearing walls, using the traditional ‘rammed earth’ technique: a simple, low-cost construction method in which earth, sand, gravel, and water are mixed and compacted in metal or wooden moulds. With the inclusion of special additives, traditional techniques were combined with modern technologies to allow the construction of a structure that is both safe and durable.

The building will be self-sufficient, as the energy it runs on will come from the sun. The roof is a thin structure covered with 10,000m2 of solar panels which, as well as providing energy, protect the hospital and its patients from both sun and rain.