Partners of the Uganda project: Paola Coin

Why I decided to take part in the project

I first really found out about EMERGENCY when I watched their documentary on the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery, which showed me situations that I thought I knew about, but really didn’t, or at least not in such depth.

Three angles of EMERGENCY’s approach struck me in particular:

  • They wanted to bring dignity to men, women and children who had been forgotten and whom no one had cared about until then.
  • They were determined to guarantee the sacred and universal right to treatment for everyone, everywhere, in places where no one else felt the need.
  • They were clear in their desire to create places for reception and treatment that were not only clean and efficient, but also beautiful.

I am convinced that pursuing beauty, even when almost everything is lacking, is essential.
It follows the principle of bringing dignity to people and guaranteeing genuine wellbeing.

These are the principles that led me to donate to the creation of the new paediatric hospital in Uganda.