Partners of the Uganda Project: Perin Generators Group

Our collaboration with EMERGENCY began with the cogenerators for the hospital in Panjshir, where we offered our support straight away for a project that was crucial for the local population. Other projects followed, all of which we supported with the same enthusiasm and energy. The Uganda project is a brilliant initiative by EMERGENCY, part of the ambition of the organisation, guided by Gino Strada, of bringing healthcare to Africa. We’re honoured to be able to contribute our systems to the building of this new centre, which is already one of excellence within the region, even in the construction phase. We will install two powerful, cutting-edge machines with around 1,500 horsepower each, one as a backup for the other. A powerful noise reduction system will ensure the smallest environmental impact possible and greater comfort for the nearby facilities.

The company

Perin Generators Group is an Italian company and a leading builder of generators, cogenerators and power systems for producing energy from 10 kW to 120 MW. It operates around the world and increasingly specialises in custom services based on clients’ needs.