Partners of the Uganda Project: Resstende

Resstende has been involved in the design of the hospital since 2017, and has promoted the collaboration between Theatro and the international bodies in charge of the project. Chosen for the professionalism and high quality of its products, Resstende has installed 85 motorised roller blinds systems ideal for facades and equipped with a technical filtering fabric with excellent light resistance.

EMERGENCY’s Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Uganda is the first project to be worked on by the companies that make up Theatro that has international visibility.

Resstende is Theatro’s Main Partner, which consists of a network of industry leaders united by a common direction. It is a creative laboratory inspired by collective design. Six of the partner companies worked together in a cooperative and coordinated way to achieve the results that the client and designers asked for in terms of performance and efficiency: that the hospital must be a model of medical excellence, environmental sustainability and cutting-edge design.

Using Schüco system technology, Thema designed and built custom solutions for windows and facades, using AGC glass, blinds within glass (ScreenLine from Pellinindustrie) and outdoor blinds (Resstende). Schneider Electric, meanwhile, optimised the energy systems, meeting the need for an intelligent building casing.

The synergy between these companies, which share their expertise and work in a coordinated way to achieve the same aims, is an example of how sharing and collaboration make quality architecture a reality.