Paediatric Radiologist


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Type of contract
Paid - 6 months

Necessary requirements
Specialization in Radiology-Radiodiagnostic; experience of at least 3 years in hospital settings; experience in ultrasound.

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The Paediatric Radiologist collects the patient’s medical history, evaluates the most suitable diagnostic imaging techniques for each specific case, supports the x-ray technician in obtaining the images and then interprets them in relation to the symptomatology detected.


The Paediatric Radiologist is part of a group of international specialists in the Medical Area and health professions and he/she is responsible for the management of radiodiagnostic services. He/she is in charge of the teaching and supervision of the local colleagues until their complete professional autonomy is achieved.

The Paediatric Radiologist is responsible to the Medical Coordinator, who is in charge of the management and organisation of the project.

The departments of reference for the role are:

  • DIAGNOSTIC DEP.: Conventional Radiology, Ultrasound and CT scan
  • WARD

He/she is normally in the hospital 6 days a week, but he/she is always on call for intra-hospital emergencies. He/she is responsible for the local staff shifts in the area of competence, thus ensuring a service consistent with the clinical and organizational needs of the Centre.


All EMERGENCY international personnel is expected to know and follow the hospital admissions criteria, guidelines, protocols, and the diagnosis and treatment standards in use in the Centre, and to ensure the correct compilation of clinical records and statistics in both computer and paper formats.

The main duties and responsibilities of the International Paediatric Radiologist are:

  • Management of the diagnostic services of Conventional Radiology, Ultrasound and CT scan;
  • Execution or supervision of diagnostic examinations;
  • Clinical research and collection of case histories in accordance with the scientific programs of the Medical Division of EMERGENCY.

The clinical activity must always be discussed and shared with international doctors and nurses and with the Medical Coordinator of the project.


Clinical activities and patient care are always carried out alongside and in collaboration with local personnel, who thus benefit from training in the field. There is also provision for more specific teaching activities, managed by the international specialists, in accordance with the clinical protocols in use and as agreed with the Medical Coordinator.


The technological level of the equipment present in the Centre is suited to the clinical and managerial protocols in use, and the level of professional autonomy of the national staff, with the aim of achieving – and sustaining – high standards of care. Diagnostic equipment, basic laboratory tests, technical and auxiliary services are always available.


The construction of the Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Entebbe, Uganda finished in 2021.

The Centre offers free treatment of excellence in pediatric surgery; it will be a reference point for Ugandan patients and children with surgical needs (up to 15 years of age) from all over Africa. Entebbe Hospital is the second structure of ANME (African Network of Medical Excellence), the “Health Network of Excellence in Africa” created in 2009 to develop free healthcare systems of excellence in the continent.

The Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery puts into practice our healthcare model based on the principles of Equality, Quality and Social Responsibility (EQS).

The hospital has 72 beds, 3 operating theatres, a 6-bed paediatric intensive care unit and all the diagnostic and auxiliary services necessary for its operation, such as laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy, canteen, laundry.

Inside the Centre, there are:

  • Fixed and mobile radiograph
  • Computed axial tomography
  • Multidisciplinary echographs


Further information on the guidelines, protocols and clinical services relevant to the post along with details of the instruments and equipment available will be provided at interview and during the period of preparation for the mission.
The general requirements and conditions apply to all the international staff.


  • Medical Degree, specialization in Radiology-Radiodiagnostics;
  • Professional experience of at least 3 years in the role in hospital settings;
  • Specific experience in performing and reporting Total Body CT examinations and neuroradiology;
  • Specific experience in performing ultrasound examinations;
  • Experience in Paediatric Surgery Centres or Wards and/or Paediatrics.


6 months overseas stay including a period of leave to be taken at the end of the mission in agreement with the coordinator. Shorter missions may only be considered for specific needs as defined by the organisation.


For further information and inquiries (not for applications): To apply, please complete the on-line application form: applications sent to this e-mail account will not be considered.

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