Resident Physicians

Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Italy, Sierra Leone, Sudan

Required languages
English and/or French.

Type of contract
Residency - 6 months

Necessary requirements
Enrolled at 3rd- 4th year of residency

Are you interested?
Read the full Job Description; if you are qualified, please apply online.

Every day, over 260 international health and technical expert specialists work with EMERGENCY in the field. Alongside them, a growing number of resident physicians are now joining the team to work for a period of 6 months in our hospitals: a highly formative human and professional experience.


In accordance with the legislation of each country, EMERGENCY offers periods of 6 months of residency in its hospitals to resident physicians undertaking their training in certain areas of Medicine, Surgery and Clinical Services. These opportunities, regulated by specific single or multi-annual agreements, are offered on voluntary base and require a period of training, clinical practice and research under the supervision of international expert specialists.
With the exception of charges for professional registration, which must be maintained during the mission, all expenses will be covered by EMERGENCY.


To enable effective integration as part of a working team, our projects are addressed to resident physicians in their last two years of training.

Admitted residencies for opportunities overseas are:

  • Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology – female personnel only
  • Paediatrics

The main criteria required for participating are:

  • Enrolled at 3rd- 4th year of residency;
  • clinical experience in hospital setting;
  • knowledge of English (and/or French);
  • availability for minimum 6 months of residency;
  • nulla osta certificate from the University or the managing Institution.

To apply, please complete the on-line application form selecting the are of residency in the menu.


The objective of this training period is involvement in clinical, health care and research activities, in addition to the contribute given to the work of the team of expert specialists in areas affected by complex health crises.

Practical Clinical activity

Alongside the international specialist colleagues working in our project, the resident physician participates in the management of clinical activity. He/She will gradually assume clinical duties under the supervision of a mentor who will monitor the level of training and professional autonomy, facilitating the integration into a medical team which also includes local personnel in training.

The training activities are divided into three categories, depending on their level of complexity:

  • DIRECTLY SUPERVISED ACTIVITY: activity in the presence of the mentor, who carries out the procedure, entrusting part or all of its execution to the resident;
  • INDIRECTLY SUPERVISED ACTIVITY: the procedure is carried out by the resident, according to the instructions given by the mentor, who could not be physically present at the resident’s side;
  • PROTECTED ACTIVITY: the resident carries out the procedure with autonomous decision-making powers, promptly calling the mentor in case of necessity, who will provide rapid consultation and/or intervention.

Research and Analysis

Under the supervision of a mentor and the Medical Coordinator of the project, you will record, collect, and analyse data and clinical results at the Centre of residency. In agreement with EMERGENCY, it may be possible to develop research projects or theses on the basis of the experience and caseload.

The general requirements and conditions apply to all the international staff, except for the remuneration, which must be provided by the Institution of consignment.


EMERGENCY encourages the formation of agreements with University hospitals in order to build a lasting collaboration including residents, academic and expert colleagues in the specialties listed above.


For inquiries or clarifications on the positions offered to Resident Physicians (not for applications), please contact:

Chiara De Gioia
T (Milano, Italy) +39 02 86316343

To apply, please complete the on-line application form: applications sent to this e-mail account will not be considered.

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