Dentist – volunteer


Required languages

Type of contract
Unpaid - also for short periods

Necessary requirements
At least 3 years' relevant professional experience

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We're not currently short listing new candidates for this specific role: no vacancies are available at the moment. Visit our website regularly for updates.

This role requires a high level of autonomy in carrying out both restorative and extractive dental treatments, including in preparation for removable prostheses.


The health care team – doctors, nurses and other workers – at the EMERGENCY Outpatient Clinic offer basic and specialist medical treatment and nursing care to migrants and other people in need who are resident in the local area and in neighbouring zones. The dentist is responsible to the Coordinator, who is in charge of the organisation and management of the clinic.

Marghera Outpatient Clinic is equipped with:

  • EXAMINATION ROOMS: 6 equipped medical examination rooms;
  • INTERVIEW ROOM: 1 room available for use by the cultural mediators and health care personnel;
  • OFFICES AND AUXILIARY SERVICES.The clinic is operated by a team of 7 staff members – health care workers, cultural mediators, and the project coordinator – and around 80 volunteers, mostly doctors and nurses. The dentist works independently within his/her area of responsibility, in accordance with the treatment and organisational guidelines established by EMERGENCY (use and prescription of pharmaceuticals, operating protocols, facility management…). The volunteer dentist ensures a continuous service, either short-term or periodically as agreed with the management and according to the clinical and organisational needs of the facility. All treatment is provided entirely free of charge.


All EMERGENCY personnel are expected to know and follow the guide lines, protocols, and the diagnosis and treatment standards in use in the Centre, and to ensure the correct compilation of clinical records and statistics in both computer and paper formats.

The main duties and responsibilities of the volunteer dentist are:

  • evaluation of patients’ oral health, preparation of a treatment plan and provision of specialist dental treatment;
  • prescription of pharmaceutical therapies where necessary, based on the protocols in use and the drugs available;
  • to agree the method and timing of treatment with the dental assistant (OSA) and to offer health and hygiene education where necessary.


The clinic is open every day in two shifts, from 09:00 – 13:00, and 14:00-18:00. On each shift 6-7 appointments are carried out.

The number of people in need who present at the Outpatient clinic for dental treatment is growing, due to the difficulty in accessing care which also affects many Italians.

The centre includes 2 dental treatment rooms equipped with the necessary instruments, pharmaceuticals and consumables. The clinic works in collaboration with a dental technician for the production of prostheses.

The patient files are managed using a computerised management system for which specific training will be provided – this system is of fundamental importance both for following the patient across time, and for collecting data on activity carried out at the Centre.


Further information on the guidelines, protocols and clinical services relevant to the post along with details of the instruments and equipment available will be provided at interview and during the period of preparation for the mission.
For the general requirements and conditions, see here (Project in Italy section).


  • Degree in Dental Surgery, and current professional registration in your country of residence;
  • at least 3 years’ relevant professional experience;
  • the ability to speak foreign languages would be an advantage; Italian is required.


This role may be undertaken for brief periods (not less than one week). Further details and planning information will be provided during the selection period.


We're not currently short listing new candidates for this specific role: no vacancies are available at the moment. Visit our website regularly for updates.

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