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Afghanistan: Kabul under attack

This morning, several explosions, followed by gunfire, have hit different areas of Kabul. The first explosion occurred at the entrance to a police station near Dashte Barchi, a district in the west of the city, a second near another police station in Shar-e-Naw, in the centre of Kabul and about one kilometre from the EMERGENCY […]


The death toll of this morning’s suicide bombing in Kabul amounts to at least 26, according to the Afghan Ministry of the Interior. #Kabul. Explosion at about mid-day at Kart-e Sakhi.Till now, 7 wounded transferred to Emergency ngo’s hospital. 3 dead on arrival. — EMERGENCY (@emergency_ong) March 21, 2018 Yesterday, on 20 March, was […]

Attack in Kabul: 78 wounded taken to the EMERGENCY hospital

Kabul. An explosion near the government’s former Ministry of the Interior building caused more deaths in the Afghan capital just a few days after the attack at the Intercontinental Hotel. 78 wounded were to the EMERGENCY hospital so far, 12 already dead on arrival. “It’s a massacre,” says Dejan Panic, EMERGENCY Programme Coordinator in Afghanistan. […]

Message of solidarity from EMERGENCY to Save the Children

EMERGENCY is shocked to learn about this morning’s attack on Save the Children’s office in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. This was an unacceptable act, which put the safety and lives of Save the Children’s operators in the country at risk. “We are growing increasingly worried about safety and instability. Afghanistan is currently at the centre of an […]


The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, awarded the Italian NGO EMERGENCY the ‘Allama Sayed Jamaluddin’ prize for their commitment to the victims of war in Afghanistan. “EMERGENCY’s hospitals and health centres have helped the Afghan population in the most difficult of times. Particularly in Kabul and Lashkar-Gah, EMERGENCY staff are appreciated […]


Yesterday morning, another suicide attack hit Kabul. The explosion, that caused the death of at least 7 people according to the Afghan Ministry of Internal Affairs, took place by the entrance of a building where a political rally was being held in support of regional leader Atta Mohammad Noor, Governor of the Balkh province. #Kabul […]

Earthquake in Iraq: EMERGENCY’s view

Yesterday at 9:30pm, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit the eastern area of Iraq, on the border with Iran, causing hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. “People poured into the streets in terror. The earthquake, the epicentre of which was located about 30 kilometers from the city of Halabja, was also felt in the areas […]

The Paris summit was another confirmation of Europe’s hypocrisy

The Paris summit was another confirmation of Europe’s hypocrisy towards the suffering of millions of human beings and of our politicians’ inability to deal responsibly with the management of migration flows. The EU’s only goal is to block the arrival of migrants and to do so it does not hesitate to delegate control of flows […]

Kabul attack: 11 injured brought to our hospital

This morning, Kabul was hit by another attack: there was a strong explosion near a Shiite mosque packed with worshippers who had gathered for Friday prayers. The EMERGENCY Hospital received 27 injured. After the explosion, a few armed men entered the building and fighting is still under way. At the moment, the EMERGENCY Hospital received […]


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