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11 Injured Treated at Goderich Surgical Centre Following Armed Clashes

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Armed clashes and attacks on a military base and a prison took place on Sunday 26 November in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Following the clashes in the capital city, 11 injured people were received at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Goderich, a district in the western area of Freetown.

“Since the beginning of the armed clashes on Sunday morning, the government has imposed a national curfew and our staff has been asked to stay inside the hospital to limit movement and cope with the possible arrival of wounded people,” says Samuele Greco, Medical Coordinator at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Goderich. “We have received eleven patients so far. Six of them have undergone urgent surgery. Of five with gunshot wounds, three are in intensive care after undergoing thoracic drainage and laparotomy operations; the other two were admitted to the ward and received dressings for their wounds.”

The government imposed a nationwide curfew from Sunday 26, which included the whole day; from Monday 27, the curfew was limited to the night hours only. The situation now appears calmer, but EMERGENCY continues to monitor and remains operational in its hospital so that it can provide assistance to injured people.