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Monday, July 1, 2019

Approximately 100 people were hit by a series of explosions in the 16th Police District of Kabul, Afghanistan, this morning. The attack took place just as peace talks between the USA and anti-government forces, aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan, are underway in Doha.

The area which was targeted is home to many institutional buildings, such as the Afghan Football Federation and Afghan Cricket Board. There are multiple schools in the vicinity and many of the victims are children.

“There was a large explosion, then a series of smaller ones. Currently, the EMERGENCY Surgical Centre for War Victims has received 50 patients. 26 were admitted for surgical treatment, while 24 were treated as outpatients. Unfortunately, two patients have died – one of them was a child. 17 minors are among those received and there are still more people arriving” says Marco Puntin, EMERGENCY’s Programme Coordinator.

According to UNAMA, the war in Afghanistan caused 1,773 civilian deaths in the first three months of 2019, including 582 children. In that period, 18 incidents involving educational facilities and 26 affecting health facilities were reported.

EMERGENCY has been in Kabul since 2001. The Surgical Centre provided treatment to 1,414 war victims in the first five months of 2019, with 15% of patients under 14 years of age. We receive an average of 9 new patients a day at the hospital – victims of this endless war. 56% of arrivals bear injuries caused by firearms, and 32% by shrapnel and landmines.