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Nyala Paediatric Centre Staff Released, Activities Suspended

On Wednesday 25 October, some of the Sudanese staff at EMERGENCY’s Paediatric Centre in Nyala, South Darfur, were arrested by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Due to communication difficulties that have persisted since the beginning of the war, EMERGENCY became aware of the arrest from a video circulating on social media and was unable to […]


Yesterday, a number of Sudanese staff members at EMERGENCY’s Paediatric Centre in Nyala, South Darfur, were taken from the hospital and arrested by the Rapid Support Forces. It seems they are still being held. EMERGENCY has been present in Nyala since 2020, providing free medical care to mothers, children and cardiac patients. Since the outbreak […]

69 Rescued People Disembark in Livorno

At 23:45 on 10 October, EMERGENCY’s search and rescue ship Life Support completed disembarkation at the port of Livorno of the 69 people rescued in three separate operations carried out between 7 and 8 October. “We are in the port of Livorno, where yesterday evening the disembarkation of the 69 people that we rescued in three […]

Life Support: 69 People Rescued in Three Operations

Two more rescues were carried out this morning, 8 October, by EMERGENCY’s search and rescue ship Life Support which, after the first rescue of 21 people on 7 October, brought another 48 people to safety. In total, 69 people were rescued in the three operations. At 9.00, Life Support concluded the rescue of 21 people […]

28 People Rescued by Life Support Disembark in Ravenna, Northeastern Italy

Ravenna, 25 September 2023. This afternoon, 28 people rescued by EMERGENCY’s search and rescue ship Life Support completed disembarkation in the port of Ravenna. After more than four days of navigation, including two in rough seas and adverse weather conditions, all have disembarked safely. The rescue took place on Thursday 21 September, in the international waters of […]

Urgent warning: Increased deaths at sea, NGO vessels detained – European states must stop obstructing civilian search and rescue efforts in the Central Mediterranean

Up to 600 people lost their lives in another avoidable shipwreck off the Greek coast in June 2023. As civil society, we are horrified by the preventable deaths in the Central Mediterranean sea which happen year in, year out. Search and rescue ships are urgently needed to prevent further loss of life on the deadliest […]

76 People Rescued by Life Support Disembark in Naples

14 August 2023, NAPLES: The 76 people rescued in international waters on the night of 11 August by EMERGENCY’s ship Life Support have disembarked in Naples. Among them were seven women and 24 children, including 12 unaccompanied and a seven-month-old baby. “They had departed from the Libyan coast in an unstable wooden boat,” explains Carlo Maisano, Life […]

Afghanistan: Two Years on from August 2021

Amid the changing political landscape, the freeze on international banking, an escalating humanitarian crisis and increased restrictions on women, EMERGENCY remains in Afghanistan and continues to provide free, high-quality care across the country. Since August 2021, EMERGENCY has admitted more than 41,000 people to its four hospitals: two Surgical Centres in Kabul and Lashkar-Gah, and a […]

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