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Afghanistan - Kabul


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Since 2001, we provide healthcare to prisoners in Afghan prisons.

In Kabul, we currently operate in 5 Health centres in Pol i Charki prison which, with 9,000 detainees, is the largest prison in Afghanistan. Every month, our doctors carry out over 5,000 visits, treating infectious diseases, and respiratory and digestive illnesses caused by prison conditions. Our staff also manage Health centres in the Governmental Jail, Investigation Jail, Female Jail, the Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre and Male and Female orphanage in Kabul

In the past, we have also treated inmates from other prisons in the Country, at Duab, Panjshir Valley; at Sheberghan, in the northern province of Jowzjan, where the most basic of human rights were being neglected, and in Laskhar-gah, Helmand Province.

In certain cases, alongside the provision of healthcare, we have also been involved in the renovation of sanitation facilities, in the excavation of drinking water wells, and the construction of outdoor recreational space so that the prisoners can have access to fresh air.


Provide healthcare where there is none

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