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The building was a former bombed nursery in Kabul. Today it is a surgical hospital for war victims.

At the Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul, our staff provide free, high-quality healthcare to the victims of the conflict that continues to affect the country and capital city.

An increasingly bloody conflict

After decades of war, no part of the country can be said to be truly safe, and even in the capital, Kabul, there are daily episodes of violence. In 2020, according to UN data, civilian casualties in the capital area alone were 225. Men, women, and children, whose only fault was to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The same data is confirmed by the trend in our hospital, where in 2020, a total of 2,725 people were hospitalised, and 4,845 surgical interventions were performed.

The most important war surgery hospital in the country

The EMERGENCY Surgical Centre in Kabul has 3 operating rooms, an intensive care unit, a sub-intensive care unit and 6 wards for patients.

In addition to being a reference point for the Kabul population and neighbouring provinces, the centre welcomes incoming patients from remote areas, also thanks to the only free CT unit in the country.

The expansion of the centre

In 2016, the expansion of the centre, which began the previous year, was completed. The expansion of the centre was designed to respond to the rising number of patients more efficiently, especially in the case of mass casualties. Even during renovations, the hospital continued to provide care to the wounded.

A Training Centre for local staff

As with all EMERGENCY projects, international staff are also involved in training local staff and the Kabul hospital is recognised by the Ministry of Public Health as a training centre for medical specialists in emergency surgery and traumatology.

At the hospital, we also organise specific courses for hospital staff throughout Afghanistan. In 2019, at the request of the World Health Organisation and in collaboration with the local Ministry, we trained 840 doctors and nurses from the provinces on pre-hospital trauma and mass casualty management.

The network of First Aid Posts in the area

The Kabul hospital is the reference centre for patients from the EMERGENCY First Aid Posts and Health Centres in Andar, Barakibarak, Gardez, Ghazni, Gurband, Chark-Logar, MaydanShahr, Mirbachakot, Pul I Alam, Sheikhabad, Tagab, EMERGENCY clinics within orphanages, the Kabul Reformation Juvenile Rehabilitation centre and the main prisons in the city.

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Project Sheet: EMERGENCY Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul, Afghanistan

This project is funded by European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

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