Health Centres for Refugees and IDP

Iraq - Arbat IDP and Refugee camps, Ashti camp, Tazade camp


Active Health Centres


Treated patients

More than 3 million people in North Iraq have sought refuge from the fighting that is blighting the whole area.

They are Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqis, who fled the warzone, leaving their homes and facing difficult and dangerous journeys. The luckiest found hospitality from friends and relatives or managed to rent houses or rooms in areas that are still safe, but many are accommodated in camps set up by Kurdish authorities and international organizations.

High quality clinics in the camps

Our doctors and nurses operate at the Health Centre in the Ashti camp, located in the governorate of Sulaymaniyah, which we have built with the support of Kurdish authorities and international organisations. The camp hosts IDPs from several western and southern regions affected by the conflict.

Local authorities now manage the five Health Centres that we started up in Khanaqin, Qoratu, and Arbat (here, one clinic is for IDPs and one for refugees). The handover process occurred in several stages: February 2015, June 2017, December 2017, and September 2018.

Specific assistance for women and children

Our Health Centre in Ashti also guarantees gynaecological and obstetric care for women, as well as a programme of vaccinations and growth monitoring for children. Additionally, we started a prevention programme through the training of health promoters who work both in the clinics and in the camps, in order to reach the highest possible number of people.

Training and work for the inhabitants of the camp.

Guards, cleaners, logisticians, and health promoters: they all live and work inside the Ashti camp, supervised and trained by our international staff.

Help us treat victims of war

It is thanks to thousands of people like you that our surgeons and nurses are able to care for those who need it, free of charge and without discrimination.

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